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Looking for a read that questions, inquires, illuminates, and Catcalls back? Look no further. Written by and for incredible women with incredible ideas, these stories are turning sexism and the everyday turmoils of women on their head.

Madison Tufte’s Debut Novel The Anchor House Let’s Women Grow on Their Own Terms By Kelcie McKenney

Night StrollBy Katelyn Betz

It’s OK to Be Sad and Scared About the Passing of RBG, But Don’t Forget to Fight For Her LegacyBy Emily Park

Welcome to My VaginaBy Maddie Womack

I’m on a Mission to Love Myself: So I Stripped Down and Tried Boudoir.By Kelcie McKenney

It’s International Female Orgasm Day, and 40% of Straight Women Still aren’t OrgasmingBy Kelcie McKenney

Loving Loving Day: How Richard and Mildred Loving Paved the Way for Interracial Relationships—Including My OwnBy Kelcie McKenney

White People: Let’s Stop Cherry-Picking MLK’s Words and Instead Listen to What We Need to Do for Change.By Meg Pawley

Black Communities Paved the Way for Asian-American Communities. Here’s How Asian-Americans Can Support #BlackLivesMatter.By Ishani Doshi

Want to Support the KC Black Community with Your Money, Time, and Action? Here’s Where to Start. – By Catcall Staff

How to Support Justice for George Floyd NowBy Kelcie McKenney

I Publicly Came Forward with my Assailant: One Year LaterBy Hannah Strader

Is Shapewear Anti-Feminist? Can Feminists Afford to be Exclusionary on Beauty Products? – By Hannah Strader

Poet Jen Harris’s New Book Unconfirmed Certainties is About Heartbreak, Growth, and Telling your Truth—Even if That Means Saying “Fuck You” to Cheating Fiancées. By Kelcie McKenney

Planned Parenthood Great Plains Needs Our Help. Here’s What You Can Do. – By Kelcie McKenney

Bad Ass Babe Amy Shoemaker: Queer. Artist. Pastor. – By Rebekah Lodos

Black Healthcare Coalition and Humana Partner to Bring Healthcare Access into the KC Community in Unlikely Places By Emily Park

Is Your Child Texting About Reproductive Rights?By Trevan McGee

Cold, Cracked, and On FireBy Lindsay Bell

I Grew Up With Stubborn WomenBy Kelcie McKenney

Missouri Senate Passed One of the Worst Abortion Bans. Here’s What You Can Do About It.By Kelcie McKenney

Poems from the HeartBy Lindsay Bell

Badass Babe Savannah Rodgers: Queer Stories on FilmBy Kelcie McKenney

Sunday Morning Memories, a PoemBy Lindsay Bell

Rom Com Love Songs for Your Valentine’s DayBy Kelcie McKenney

I Asked My Exes for Dating AdviceBy Kelcie McKenney

A Modest Proposal to Prevent Mass Shootings and Benefit Incels (A Parody)By Heather McNamara

Why Aren’t Women Orgasming As Much As Men? Let’s Talk the Orgasm Gap.By Gabrielle Alexa

Badass Babe Alley Gage: Empowering Women with MakeupBy Kelcie McKenney

The Economics of Appropriating Black Culture – By Esther Faciane

I’m Bisexual, So Where Do I Fit in? – By Gabrielle Alexa

What do Feminist Candles Smell Like?By Kelcie McKenney

The Fork in the #MeToo RoadBy Heather McNamara

The Evil We Can’t SeeBy Kylie Kinsella

Scarred by a StalkerBy Kelcie McKenney

A Glass of Filtered City Water By Abby Rommel

When You See Someone Who Might Need Help, You Do Something By Nicolette Clairmont

Learning to Love MyselfBy Jasmine Lane

Be the Pizza You Want to See in the WorldBy Alyssa Bluhm

#Gamergate: A Feminist Content Analysis on the Depiction of Women in Video Games – By Russell Barnes

My Anxiety Story By Gina Van Thomme

I Blamed My Sister for My MiscarriageBy Catcall Contributor

Exploring Female Friendships in “The Office”By Sydney Borchert

Tickling or Torture: What it Teaches Us About Consent – By Alyssa Bluhm

5 Products for Women ONLY – By Addie Whelan

Where Did You Learn to Speak to Women Like That? By Lisa Marchand

Taylor and Jordan: A Love Story, Minus the PronounsBy Jenny Doocy

Pen FriendsBy Kelcie McKenney

Mother’s Womb: The Vagina from a Different PerspectiveBy Kelcie McKenney

Domestic Violence: More Prevalent Than You Think By Kelcie McKenney

If You Have to Tell Yourself Something Isn’t “That Bad,” Then it Really is Worse Than You ThinkBy Catcall Contributor 

I’m Trying to RememberBy Kelcie McKenney

Grudge By Hope Grey

Lizzie Bennet: A Badass Throughout TimeBy Cera Sylar

Since Eight By Hope Grey

How Do You Solve a Problem like Maria?By Lindsey Steer

“Girls” and the Reality of Sexual AssaultBy Kayla McCombs

The Truth of HeartbreakBy Kelcie McKenney

The Word “Just” – By Kelcie McKenney

The Inequality of “Guy” – By Lauren Cutshall

No One Feels Beautiful in a Strip Mall Parking Lot – By Shelby Heinrich

The Parking Lot – By Kim Otteson

Sexualizing Women – By Nicolette Clairmont

Women in Leadership Today and Societal Roadblocks – By Jordan Winberg

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