Black communities paved the way for Asian-American communities. Here’s how Asian-Americans can support #BlackLivesMatter

By Ishani Doshi

I want to share these resources for other Asian Americans to help understand how importantly Allyship is for People of Color. If your family immigrated after 1965, you are here because of the Civil Rights Movement and the passing of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act. Asian American communities exist because Black communities in America paved the way for us, and made it possible for us to seek a better life for our families. We need to do our part both within our own communities and externally to ensure we are part of the solution and not the problem of racial injustice.

Who to follow on Instagram:

@zhkdesigns – Canadian-Indian activist and artist

@_thejuggernaut – South Asian journalism for American Asians

@southasians4blacklives – Education for South Asians on dismantling anti-Blackness

@southasiansmh – South Asian sexual and mental health alliance

@dearasianyouth – Magazine for Asian youth by Asian youth

@aafenyc – Asian Americans for Equality

@norblacknorwhite – Brown-women-led, exploring culture and style through clothing

A Few Celebrities to follow on Twitter:

Mindy Kaling

Hasan Minhaj

Trevor Noah

Steve Aoki

George Takei

Places to Donate:

The Innocence Project – Works to exonerate those wrongfully convicted

The Loveland Foundation – Showing up for communities of color, particularly focused on Black women and girls.

Campaign Zero – Fighting police violence in America.

NAACP – Securing political, educational, social, and economic equality to eliminate race-based descrimination.

ACLU – National guard of liberty through the courts, legislation, and community.

Color of Change – Campaigns designed to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back.

The Brennan Center for Justice – Uploading values of democracy through reform.

Articles to Read and Videos to Watch:

What #BlackLivesMatter Should Mean To Asian-Americans
If Asian-Americans continue to believe that this movement does not apply to them, they are wrong.
By Sarina Wang of Huffpost

For One Immigrant Community, George Floyd’s Death Isn’t Just About Black And White
Minneapolis police and the Hmong community
By Ashley Westerman and Noel King of NPR

Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit
A grassroots project from and by Asian American communities

We Cannot Stay Silent About George Floyd | Patriot Act Digital Exclusive | Netflix
Hasan Minhaj responds to the recent protests in America over police brutality.
By Patriot Act

Ishani Doshi is an Illinois-based public health professional dedicated to social justice and equity. She currently works for Chicago’s suburban health departments focusing on Emergency Preparedness and Response. Ishani can also be found reading a fantasy novel, cuddling kittens, or eating her weight in waffles.

Photo by Korantin Grall

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