Write for Catcall

Here at Catcall, we’re turning catcalling on its head. This time we’re calling out to womxn. We want you to share your personal stories, reflections, thoughts, ideas, rants, and observations about being a womxn in our world today.

We’re looking for thought-provoking stories by writers at any skill level. Whether you’re a womxn, a feminist ally, or somewhere in between, Catcall wants to publish your perspectives.

Submit story ideas to kelcie@catcallmag.com
Articles should be at minimum 500 words and final drafts should include a headline and byline

Write for Catcall

Not ready to share a story but want to get involved? Follow us on Twitter, @catcall_mag, and join our Facebook group, Catcall Collective. It’s a safe space to share inspiring feminist stories, discuss personal topics, and feel supported by fellow feminists.

Join the conversation. It’s time we Catcall back.

2 thoughts on “Write for Catcall

  1. Rachel Parker says:

    Hello, Rachel Kathleen Parker here. I am interested. I agree. We must act. My head is about to explode or cave in from the stupidity. I cling to the hope that the masacre of the enlightened will end. I am also on a very similar path. We’re going to make it!!! LOL

    I am just getting some ducks in a row. Then, I can contribute more again. It’s been a wild year of transition, discovery, awe.


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