Write for Catcall

Here at Catcall, we’re turning catcalling on its head. This time we’re calling out to women, non-binary folks, the queer community, and allies to share intersectional and personal stories, reflections, thoughts, ideas, rants, and observations that we see in the everyday. 

We’re looking for thought-provoking stories by writers at any skill level. No matter your background, Catcall wants to publish your perspectives.

Submit story ideas to kelcie@catcallmag.com
Articles should be at minimum 500 words and final drafts should include a headline and byline.

Write for Catcall

Not ready to share a story but want to get involved? Follow us on Twitter, @catcall_mag, and join our Facebook group, Catcall Collective. It’s a safe space to share inspiring feminist stories, discuss personal topics, and feel supported by fellow feminists.

Join the conversation. It’s time we Catcall back.

2 thoughts on “Write for Catcall

  1. Rachel Parker says:

    Hello, Rachel Kathleen Parker here. I am interested. I agree. We must act. My head is about to explode or cave in from the stupidity. I cling to the hope that the masacre of the enlightened will end. I am also on a very similar path. We’re going to make it!!! LOL

    I am just getting some ducks in a row. Then, I can contribute more again. It’s been a wild year of transition, discovery, awe.


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