About Us

The word “Catcall” is one that stirs up emotions in the hearts and minds of many women. It represents sexism in one term and brings to light the frustration women have at society’s drive to promote inequalities.

We’re turning catcalling on its head.

This time we’re calling out to women. We’ll be sharing personal stories, reflections, thoughts, ideas, rants, and observations that we see in the every day. Catcall is a collection of our histories; the things that make us laugh, cry, cringe; the everyday struggles we have as women; the issues we face; the things we want changed; and the musings of women living in our world today.

Join the conversation. It’s time we Catcall back.

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Catcall – Founded by Kelcie McKenney – 2015


Kelcie McKenney

Kelcie McKenney is a writer, editor, and artist who is passionate about feminism. She currently works as Digital Editor at The Pitch , where she writes and edits for Kansas City’s alternative magazine. You can find Kelcie watching internet cat videos, eating brunch, taking photos, and reading mystery novels.



Kylee Alvarez
Art Director

Kylee Alvarez is a Kansas City-based designer + creative and a graduate of the University of Kansas. She is a content creator, graphic designer, and fine artist with a passion for a multitude of mediums. Outside of work you can find her wandering around with her cameras, watching YouTube videos, reading a good book, or planning her next adventure.



Abby Rommel
Engagement Coordinator

Abigail Rommel (Big Gail) likes long walks anywhere but a sandy beach and intends to rule the world one of these days. Also, she is fluent in Sarcasm and proficient in Pig Latin. She is currently in recovery from commenting on every news article about Trump she sees in her news feed. If you wish to reach her, it may be difficult because she tends to let her inbox fill up, until she reaches 100 unread messages. But, she will respond, eventually.

Kayla McCombs
Contributing Editor




Alyssa Bluhm
Contributing Editor

Alyssa Bluhm cannot control her Virgo and has overwatered many plants to death because of it. She lives in Minneapolis, where you have a good chance of running into her at any given donut shop.






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