The Safe Slut talks herpes awareness and making memes

By Sophia-Joelle McDowell 

When Tricia Wise, or Safe Slut, was diagnosed with genital herpes in November of 2019, everything changed. Shut down your unconscious biases here, because things changed in an unpredictably positive way.   

Like most of us, Tricia didn’t receive any education about STIs growing up, apart from the common lecture that they’re the worst thing that can happen. After receiving the news of her herpes diagnosis, she spent days in bed and thought her sex life was over. 

These days, Tricia believes getting herpes was the best thing to ever happen to her. 

That diagnosis forced her to advocate for herself and have vulnerable conversations. It took her on a transformative journey of self-love and reclaiming her sexuality. She was even able to work through previous sexual trauma from past relationships and experiences. 

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Know Your Options—A Guide to Choosing The Right Birth Control For You

By Nicole Mitchell
Art by Kelcie McKenney

Finding the perfect birth control for you is difficult. There are so many options, each with different side effects, lengths of efficacy, and more. If you’re struggling to find a new birth control, just starting, or straight-up curious, we want to help you make an informed decision. We’ve done the basic research so you don’t have to. (Although, you’ll still want to talk to your doctor about what’s best for you!)

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Addressing the Squirter in the Room

By The Babes (Katie Harbinson and Maddie Womack)
Art by Sarah Forgey

One of our most asked-about topics is squirting. What is it? How do I make my partner squirt? How do I make it less messy?  Is it normal to squirt (or not)? We’re here to give the people what they want. And the people very much would like to squirt. 

So…. What is squirting?

Before we get into it, let’s address the elephant in the room. Squirting is not pee. While it comes from the bladder and contains a little urea, it’s most similar to water. The exact makeup of a squirt varies by person, as does the volume of liquid squirted. As shocking as it may seem, the fire hydrant-esque portrayal of squirting in porn isn’t the most accurate. While some people do experience large squirts, some people only squirt a little. It’s very common to have squirted before and just not known it! In fact, anywhere from 10-75% of those with a vagina report squirting at some point. Why the big range? Well, the data on squirting is largely self-reported, so there are some gaps in what we know about squirting. In a 2013 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 10-54% of participants reported squirting, but in a study published in 2017 by the same journal, 75% did. Overall, it’s totally normal to squirt, and totally normal not to.

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We Tried a $33 Sex Swing and Now You Also Have to

By The Babes (Maddie Womack & Katie Harbinson)

Once upon a time, The Babes™ lived in the magical land of Kansas City. The rent was high, our standards were low, and sex was on our minds. So we thought to ourselves, how DOES one ball(s) (haha) on a budget? The answer left us feeling conflicted: Amazon. We’re ashamed to admit it, but we’re non-profit employees in our 20s. We love trying new sex toys, but our bank accounts do not. So with that, a babe volunteered to give it a swing. Which babe you ask? You’ll have to guess 😉

COME ON, SWING IT. Ok, we must confess, the babe who was first enticed with the concept of a sex swing was just a bit intimidated by it. Before a bit of research, we imagined they were super hard to install, expensive, and well, inconvenient. Post-research, we realized we were wrong—oops!

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A Sexy Gift Guide from The Babes

By Katie Harbinson and Maddie Womack

As much as we hate the consumerism around the holidays, you know we love treating ourselves to a new toy or two.  Here’s our official gift guide for anyone on the naughty or nice list:

Coming in Clutch

Unbound Babes

For the person who loves a minimal and sleek toy that really packs a punch, Unbound Babes recently launched a new and beautiful rabbit-esque toy called the Clutch. While we love anything Unbound Babes makes, the Clutch is particularly stunning. It vibrates AND thrusts. (Can confirm more than one of our staff members swear by this vibe.)

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