Screaming your way to a spiritual awakening

By Erin Gabriel

Candice Wells screams for a living.

No, we’re not talking about screamo music. We’re talking about breathwork. As the owner and facilitator of Screamwerk in Denver, Colo., Candice is a breathwork facilitator, energy worker, yoga teacher, and entrepreneur who guides individuals to scream their way to a spiritual awakening.

When most people think of breathwork, yoga breathing patterns to calm the nervous system or active breathing techniques like what you see on apps like Calm or HeadSpace may come to mind. But Screamwerk utilizes a form of psychedelic or somatic breathwork, which is more focused on the body. 

“As I taught breathwork classes, I recognized that a primal scream timed at an integral moment of the practice helped to fully release pent-up feelings,” Candice says.

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Cafe Cà Phê Invites You to Celebrate AAPI Heritage at AAPICONIC 2023

By: Nicole Mitchell

Kansas City’s first Vietnamese coffee shop Cafe Cà Phê is hosting another iconic festival this spring at Columbus Square Park, and you’re invited. Join the party on May 20 for the second annual Kansas City AAPI Festival, presented by Fresh Karma Dispensaries.

The theme is ICONIC: A Throwback To 1999—a time where music, fashion, and pop-culture were at their finest. Fresh Prince was on the TV and Britney Spears ruled the world. The aesthetic for the event is “1990s Magazine Cover,” so dig out your favorite tube tops and acid-wash jeans and join for a day of live entertainment, booths by local makers and artisans, and nostalgic vignettes designed specifically for photo ops.

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When it’s Time to Say Buh-Bye to a Toxic Workplace

By Erin Gabriel
Art by Sarah Forgey

We spend at least 40 hours a week at work. And if that environment isn’t healthy or supportive, the negative impacts of a toxic workplace bleed into our everyday lives. 

But how do you gain the courage to leave a work environment that isn’t working for you? 

That’s the question that got our gears turning when an anonymous Catcall reader reached out to ask for advice on their toxic workplace story. In this reader’s case, their managers weren’t following COVID protocols set in place—putting them and their coworkers at risk. And while that’s a very clearly toxic and unsafe environment—and a loud reason to walk away from a job—not every toxic workplace looks so obvious. So how do you leave?

See, the problem isn’t that there’s not enough guidance out there, but that there’s way too much—which can be overwhelming. According to research conducted by MIT Sloan School of Management, around 30 million US workers—or one in nine—experience their workplace as toxic. 

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We love snacks. Period. (No Literally, They’re Period Snacks.)

By The Catcall Team
Photos by Whitney Young

When the period monster comes for its monthly visit, having the perfect range of snacks is an absolute must. Afterall, shedding the lining of your uterus is exhausting—not to mention the draining mood swings, cramps, sore boobs, and other symptoms that go along with the “joys” of menstruating.

In times of dire need, it can be helpful to have pre-planned snacks at your disposal—or a list you can hand your significant other so they can go shopping for you. So, we rounded up a mixture of satisfying, healthy, delicious, and guilty-pleasure bites that make for the perfect period snacks—eat up.

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Emily Kate on Facing Addiction and Opening an Alcohol-Free Bar One Step At a Time

By Nicole Mitchell
Photos by Whitney Young

When Emily Kate started bartending at 21, it didn’t take long for her to start dreaming of opening her own bar one day. Years later, she’s journeyed to sobriety, but that didn’t squash her dreams to open a bar—instead, those dreams morphed into a concept that matched an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Thousands of people participate in annual Dry Januarys, lent, sober springs, and the occasional “cleanse” from alcohol, but for many, sobriety is more than a month without bar trips and post-work happy hours. It’s no secret that the service industry and alcoholism are closely intertwined.

According to Alcohol Rehab Guide, an informational online guide that provides properly researched resources for anyone battling addiction, the service industry has some of the highest rates of alcohol abuse and addiction of any profession. This includes workers in the hospitality and tourism industry, automotive services, retail workers, and those who work in food services—including servers, hosts, cooks, bartenders, etc.

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