Transgender Film Center Opens Applications for Top Trans Filmmakers Fellowship

By Nicole Mitchell

The Transgender Film Center (TFC), a Kansas City-based nonprofit working to bring more transgender-led stories to the world, recently announced it will launch the inaugural Career Development Lab at TFC this spring. The 12-week intensive program is funded by Netflix’s Fund for Creative Equity and is aimed at accelerating the careers of the most promising transgender and nonbinary creators in film and television.

“While transgender creators are beginning to make headway in pursuing their storytelling careers, there is still a powerful need to both enable access and prepare trans filmmakers to succeed in the industry,” says Sav Rodgers, the executive director of theTransgender Film Center. “We are so excited about the Career Development Lab because we believe its rubber-meets-the-road insights and partnerships with industry players will help participants break into careers in film and television.”

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Take on the 2023 Trans Rights Readathon with these books

By: Sophia-Joelle Oswald

The Trans Rights Readathon, which started on March 20th and lasts until March 27th, came from the mind of Sim Kern. This trans author, whose books include Seeds for the Swarm and Depart, Depart!, suggested the readathon in response to the hundreds of anti-trans bills being proposed in the United States. 

Kern eagerly reached out to BookTok with the hopes that other people would be excited to raise some money through the enjoyable act of reading. Thousands of readers on BookTube, Book Twitter, and Bookstagram have since jumped on board. 

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Diversify your Feed with These LGBTQ+ Influencers

By Nicole Mitchell

It’s important to diversify the content we consume—social media included—which is why Catcall is sharing diverse influencers you should follow in a new series. (Check out the first in the series, Why You Need to Follow Fat Influencers).

Maybe you’re a part of the LGBTQ+ community looking for some queer pals, or you’re an ally realizing that you don’t follow any already, here are some highly recommended content creators you should follow.

P.S. Did you know that Catcall is filled with 66% of queer individuals, and our leadership team is 100% queer? Feel free to follow us on our socials too.😘

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Brenda Howard—The bisexual activist you need to know

By Nicole Mitchell

“The next time someone asks you why LGBT Pride marches exist or why Gay Pride Month is June tell them, ‘A bisexual woman named Brenda Howard thought it should be.’” — Brenda Howard

While it’s true that the first pride was a riot, many credit bisexual and LGBTQIA+ Activist Brenda Howard for continuing the fight and making June officially known as Pride Month—therefore awarding her the name of “Mother of Pride.”

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Here’s the Truth About Being a Drag Queen in the Midwest

By Sophie Oswald

With our society telling everyone how to look, it’s always great to see people go against the grain. You should feel free to explore all aspects of your being without having to fit the mold that was created to make us all… let’s be real here… boring af! Those who flash a middle finger at set expectations deserve a round of applause. Here’s the thing; you’re allowed to stand out. And drag is one sure way to do that. 

Drag is a style of entertainment where performers dress up in flashy clothing and exaggerated makeup as a way of self-expression and an art. Drag doesn’t revolve around the gender or sexuality of the performer, but rather gives them a space to explore different roles.

Folks of any gender can be drag queens, but typical performers are men who get dolled up in a way that overemphasizes the feminine form. Women who perform drag are often referred to as drag kings because they’re dressing up in a way that overemphasizes masculinity. 

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