Cold, cracked, and on fire

By Lindsay Bell

Bath Water

apathy creeps
like bath water cools
and despite the chill
the longer I stay
submerged in this silence
the more tolerable i find
this solitary place

until the water
I trace
with these delicate hands
fades away

I am alone again

Photo by Justina Kellner

Caveat Emptor

the moment this shell cracks
my soul searches for the nearest embrace
my body aches for the trace
of fingers down my spine
across the jaw
between lips

a Scorpio point out
that my psyche is ruled by archaic modesty
that I crave intimacy only once
I’ve set myself free
that I lock it away in a box
bound in red
and etched in Latin

Caveat Emptor

Photo by Justina Kellner

Just Add Some Friction

fan this flame
and let the heat
lick your fingertips

watch the sparks jump
to conclusions
and single the grass we lay in

watch the world catch fire
as we let it all burn down

Lindsay Bell is a writer, musician, and educator based out of St. Paul. When she’s not writing, she’s usually reading someone else’s writing, playing with her calico cat, Freyja, or running late. With her words, Lindsay hopes to form solidarity with women who are doing their best to get through this thing called life.

Justina Kellner is a Kansas City portrait and wedding photographer with a passion for creativity. You’ll find her hands in every possible medium of the arts including digital and film photography, painting, drawing, music, and even a touch of ballet. As a well grounded Capricorn, she also manages an online closet of upcycled trendy clothing, because everything should be recycled – change her mind.

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