Want to support the KC Black community with your money, time, and action? Here’s where to start.

By Catcall Staff

Erin Zimmerman, president of Kansas City Women in Film and Television, started this growing, Anti-Racism Resources document to help Kansas Citians get connected and supportive of our Black community. This is a growing doc, open for contributions.

Anti-Racism Resources

* This is NOT a fully comprehensive list, it’s a START. A community-collected resource. If you have a resource you would like added, a correction or update, please fill out this Google Form. Thank you!

** THANK YOU to the humans who have paved the way for us to DO THE WORK—especially Black Folx! We see you. We hear you. We are here to do the ongoing work.

This is meant to continue on as a living, breathing resource, to do the work so that we can keep black humans living and breathing! It’s a resource meant to add to, update and reference over time, so that we, as white people, can do our part to dismantle racism and the systems that oppress, brutalize and murder black people. Performative, optical allyship is just NOT acceptable!

1. Do not JUST follow the recommended accounts, but actively engage with and learn from the human beings behind them. They are people. They are doing their part to deliver information to you. Respect that, do the work, and pay them.

2. Don’t follow and then immediately head into a black person’s DMs to ask how you can help, support, get involved, change…the list goes on and on. Instead, first, read some of their posts, visit the link in their bio, see what offerings they have. Asking them to do the exhausting work and emotional labor needed to individually assist you when they have made 99% of the answers to, and information regarding, your question(s) readily available online is offensive and privileged.

3. Do the work. Choose to be anti-racist every.damn.day through your studies, words, and actions. Look at your anti-racism work as a journey: it’s NEVER complete. There is always one more perspective you can ingest, one more mind you can open, one more donation you can make.

4. And make sure to bring others in your life along for the ride – especially white children who are being thrown into this systemically racist society that has been built and upheld for them for centuries, with no real formal education on racism and how to be anti-racist.

Visit the Anti-Racism Resources doc here

Photo by Travis Young

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