Poems from the Heart

By Lindsay Bell

Go Ahead and Leave a Bruise

help me choke
on the shame of it all
fill the space
between these teeth
with prying hands
and coerce these lips
to bring your grace

i am the siren
are are my muse
this place in my heart
is reserved for you

Photo by Justina Kellner

Things I Never Told You, Part 1

we looked at art
i looked at you
the manifest temperance of our romance
replacing each painting in the frames.
as i twirled around you
drunk on champagne,
on music,
on affection,
i imagined laughing with you
all summer long.

though your heart longed for another,
we joined hands,
then words,
then lips,
and whispered away our regrets.

the photos of that night are disastrous:
all drunken laughter and
out of focus eyes.

that’s what we were, though.
out of focus.
escapes from reality.

Photo by Justina Kellner

Things I Never Told Them, Part. 2

to my summer nights.
danny zuko had nothing on your charm.

you asked if you could kiss me,
a harlequin gentleman in pursuit of undue praise

i laughed out my “absolutely,”
and felt the world fall away

in august i felt you gall away.

i never told you,
i never showed you,
you left me stranded at the drive-in
blue as the moon.

Lindsay Bell is a writer, musician, and educator based out of St. Paul. When she’s not writing, she’s usually reading someone else’s writing, playing with her calico cat, Freyja, or running late. With her words, Lindsay hopes to form solidarity with women who are doing their best to get through this thing called life.

Justina Kellner is a Kansas City portrait and wedding photographer with a passion for creativity. You’ll find her hands in every possible medium of the arts including digital and film photography, painting, drawing, music, and even a touch of ballet. As a well grounded Capricorn, she also manages an online closet of upcycled trendy clothing, because everything should be recycled – change her mind.

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