Diversify Your Feed: Follow Disabled Influencers

By Nicole Mitchell

Let’s play a game. Pick up your phone and go to your “following” list on Instagram. How many disabled influencers do you follow? Do they all have the same disability? Do you share that disability with them?

Our point is, we follow people who we relate to, and that’ a barrier we need to break down. Here are some of our favorite disabled creators with varying disabilities that you should check out. Though there is a wide spectrum of disabilities out there, and this list only grazes the top of it. Who are some of your favorite disabled content creators?

A short disclaimer before getting into it: we’ve created this list—and many like this—to inspire others to diversify their feed. Doing so allows us to see perspectives from people who don’t look or act like us. Disabled people aren’t “brave” or “inspiring” for existing. Hopefully, by following more diverse influencers, it will help us break down these thoughts and realize that disabled people are just people.


Ru is a 26 year old from the UK who talks a lot about disability and sex. Her content ranges from textposts about disability rights, ableism, and body positivity to IG-appropriate, yet sexy selfies.


This ones for those of you who love reading, which is undoubtedly most of you. Rebekah is the author of Sitting Pretty, a memoir of her experience as a human with a body that looks different to others. There’s no better way to explain the book than in Rebekah’s own words; “This book is teeming with vulnerabilities for me – tender moments, embarrassing confessions, intellectual ideas I’m trying to pinpoint,” she wrote in an Instagram caption.


Danny is a nonspeaking autistic writer and advocate. He uses Spelling to Communicate, and as a 37 year old, he considers himself an “older” Speller. Because of this, he was able to participate in SpellX, a global collection of Speller-created videos. Danny’s video showcases what it’s like to be an older Speller from his perspective, as well as seven of his friends. Not only is Danny’s account worth a follow, but the video is must-see.


Wanda White is an extraordinary Deaf drag queen. She shares a series of videos on Instagram and TikTok of basic gay vocabulary in American Sign Language (ASL)—because, yes, queer vocab exists in more than just english.


Molly has been around on the internet for quite a long time; you may recognize her name from a string of YouTube collabs she was in years ago. She is more than an advocate for blind people. She’s a regular girl who shares all things beauty and lifestyle too.


Lolo is an actress and plays one of the best characters in HBO’s The Sex Lives of College Girls. She plays Jocelyn in the show, and she’s hilarious in character and out. (The proof is in this video.)


Attention foodies: this next one is for you. You may recognize her from MasterChef because—spoiler alert—she was the first blind chef to WIN the show! It’s not only interesting to watch her grow as a chef, but her food photography is something that will make you hungry just looking at it.


You don’t have to be autistic to want to learn more about the autistic experience, and Lauren gives great, digestible information about what it means to have autism. Lauren was diagnosed at 23, which is considered late diagnosed—and it’s something that is extremely common in women. There’s something everyone can learn from her account, from information about special interests to sensory overload.

Nicole Mitchell
 (she/they) is a writer and social media manager who graduated December 2020 with a degree in strategic communication. A few of her favorite things include cuddling with cats, listening to Bon Iver, making lattes, and running her book club (even though sometimes she forgets to read the books.)

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