Diversify Your Feed: Follow Disabled Influencers

By Nicole Mitchell

Let’s play a game. Pick up your phone and go to your “following” list on Instagram. How many disabled influencers do you follow? Do they all have the same disability? Do you share that disability with them?

Our point is, we follow people who we relate to, and that’ a barrier we need to break down. Here are some of our favorite disabled creators with varying disabilities that you should check out. Though there is a wide spectrum of disabilities out there, and this list only grazes the top of it. Who are some of your favorite disabled content creators?

A short disclaimer before getting into it: we’ve created this list—and many like this—to inspire others to diversify their feed. Doing so allows us to see perspectives from people who don’t look or act like us. Disabled people aren’t “brave” or “inspiring” for existing. Hopefully, by following more diverse influencers, it will help us break down these thoughts and realize that disabled people are just people.

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