Why you need to follow fat influencers

By Nicole Mitchell

As a Gen Z individual, I’ve spent most of my life on the internet. (I had my first Facebook account when I was only 10). That being said, I’ve followed a ton of people throughout my online life—finding out what I liked and disliked as my tastes changed as I grew up. And, sadly, it wasn’t until recently that I finally realized that something was missing. I wasn’t following any fat influencers.

I had been skinny my whole life. I knew what looked good on me and what didn’t. It wasn’t until I gained weight that I realized that my entire Instagram feed looked the same—they all looked like me, 60 pounds ago. I would look at the women I followed for fashion inspiration but felt like nothing I tried looked the same on me. I was bigger than them. Whether I like to admit it or not, it affected me.

Now on a hunt to find clothes that make me feel like myself again, I’m also on the journey to find influencers who are bigger—and I recommend you do the same. Follow fat influencers. Follow Black influencers. Follow influencers of color. Follow disabled influencers. In general, follow the same amount of influencers who don’t look like you as those you follow who do. 

So in my journey to diversify my feed, I thought I’d bring you along. Here are some of the Instagrammers I’ve found on my hunt.


Costa Rican living in Los Angeles, California, sharing fashion and lifestyle content. For more everyday content from Caro, follow her TikTok of the same name.


Plus size model and seller of vintage clothes. (You can even shop her clothes on her side account, @isabel_hendrix_shop. You’ll want to.)


Fashion influencer living in Hamburg, Germany. Follow her for bright fashion, amazing photos, and close up shots of unique accessories.


Self love and body acceptance influencer. If you’re someone who struggles with specific body insecurities, Isabella has probably talked about them.


Law student sharing her experience recovering from an eating disorder. Her beachy photos make me wish I were near the ocean.


Author and body image advocate sharing lifestyle and fashion content, and her style is *chefs kiss* good.


Baker who shares more than food. If you love sweet treats, beautiful photography, and a bit of tasteful nudity—this account is for you.

Nicole Mitchell (she/they) is a writer and social media manager who graduated December 2020 with a degree in strategic communication. A few of her favorite things include cuddling with cats, listening to Bon Iver, making lattes, and running her book club (even though sometimes she forgets to read the books.)

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