For All Your Sex Ed Questions, Call the Babes: A new column from Barrier Babes and Catcall

By Katie Harbinson and Maddie Womack

So here’s the deal. We’re really big fans of sex. 

Sex education to be exact. 

We’re Maddie and Katie, the faces behind Barrier Babes. Barrier Babes is an organization passionate about bringing unapologetic, inclusive, and comprehensive sex education across the midwest. You might have seen us at Kansas City abortion rallies or Women’s Marches. You might’ve even seen our condoms at venues around town. In our spare time, we enjoy drinking iced coffee and running across the Kansas City metro area to distribute free condoms. Simply put, we try to make risky behavior less risky. We’re proud to be longtime readers of Catcall and are beyond excited to officially partner with our favorite digital magazine!

So strap in and strap up, we’re introducing our new column Call the Babes.

Think of Call the Babes as your cool older cousin with all the answers (and willingness to Google the things you don’t want in your browser history). We’re here to answer your questions about sex, gender, sexuality, relationships, or to just provide general advice. We know what it’s like to feel lost when it comes to sex. Both of us grew up with abstinence-only-based sex ed, which led to a lot of on-the-job training, so to speak. And we’ve had to go through a LOT of training.  

We’ll be here every month to answer your questions, give some unsolicited advice, and crack a few jokes along the way. In the meantime, you can find us on our website, Instagram, and Patreon. Have a burning question you’d like us to answer? Send it our way to

Until next time, 

The Babes

Katie Harbinson (she/her) is a Kansas City transplant with a background in political campaigns.  She is passionate about disability representation, breaking down the gender binary, and homoerotic undertones in her favorite TV shows. When not trying to convince her partner that they need to adopt another dog, Katie can be found consuming copious amounts of coffee and sarcastically commenting on the current political climate.  

Maddie Womack is the Founder/CEO of Barrier Babes. Her degree in Community Health and Minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies reflects her passion for healthcare and equality within it. Through an intersectional lens, Maddie strives to find spaces to not only include sex education, but require it.

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