Diversify your Feed with These LGBTQ+ Influencers

By Nicole Mitchell

It’s important to diversify the content we consume—social media included—which is why Catcall is sharing diverse influencers you should follow in a new series. (Check out the first in the series, Why You Need to Follow Fat Influencers).

Maybe you’re a part of the LGBTQ+ community looking for some queer pals, or you’re an ally realizing that you don’t follow any already, here are some highly recommended content creators you should follow.

P.S. Did you know that Catcall is filled with 66% of queer individuals, and our leadership team is 100% queer? Feel free to follow us on our socials too.😘


Transgender, she/her

AJ is a Filapina model and author—but you may have seen her appear on your TikTok for you page. Her book, Girl, Transcending was released November 2021 and covers the lessons she’s learned and what it was like growing up trans.


Queer, he/they

Matt Bernstein is a Jewish queer activist. If you don’t follow him, there’s still a chance that you’ve seen his posts. Matt’s posts are usually purple graphics filled with information about LGBTQ+ culture, activism, politics, and more.


Bisexual + Genderfluid, they/she/he

Interested in funky design, talented writing, and the occasional lifestyle photo? Annika is the way to go. Subscribe to their newsletter for even more content from them, including Q&A columns with questions related to queer love.


Bisexual, she/her

Blair is a Black, bisexual, Muslim woman and bestselling author of Read This to Get Smarter. Her posts include knowledgable yet fun IG Reels filled with information on LGBTQ+, Black, and disability topics.


Queer, she/her

Rora is a photographer and artist who uses her work as a way of sharing commentary. Works of hers touch on topics such as chronic illness and heartbreak.


Lesbian, she/they

You might remember them from their Vine days, but Sarah Schauer hasn’t gone anywhere since then. Now you can find her hilarious personality on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.


Transgender, he/him

Chella has been online for years, documenting his life as a deaf Trans man. He is an artist whose works involve both video and live performances, including “Is it worth it?”—a live performance documenting his thoughts on pregnancy as a trans man.


Gender-nonconforming, they/them

Author and Comedian Alok has been all over the press in recent years, including their most recent interview with Good Morning America. Their experience as a gender-nonconforming individual plays into their comedy, art, and fashion—and every follow is well-deserved.

Nicole Mitchell (she/they) is a writer and social media manager who graduated December 2020 with a degree in strategic communication. A few of her favorite things include cuddling with cats, listening to Bon Iver, making lattes, and running her book club (even though sometimes she forgets to read the books.)

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