When you SEE someone who might need help, you DO something.

By Nicolette Clairmont

Yesterday on the bus, a drunk guy kissed me on the neck. He was in the process of being kicked off. Once off, he yelled something at me through the window and licked it, leaving a 4-inch-long saliva streak in the dust.

Prior to that, he had sat next to me and bothered me for 30-40 minutes.

This dude was a 44 year old (he told me), 6’5 (he told me), ex-convict (17 years in prison, he told me) with a large scorpion tattoo on his neck and what appeared to be knife scars all over his face. He punctuated every sentence with a loud, “the fuck you talkin’ ’bout?” and frequently took pulls from the bottle of rum in his coat.

Photo by Aleksey Malinovski

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5 Products for Women ONLY

By Addie Whelan

As a woman, I’ve always worried about using pens or even ear plugs that create the urge to put on a flannel and chop down trees. Maybe the pens will suddenly sprout a beard, or maybe as I brush my teeth, my car’s oil will suddenly need changing. Even more, what if those bulky, black pens don’t fit right in small, petite, feminine hands? Or what if I am on the barricade at a Justin Bieber concert—screaming until my voice goes hoarse—and those manly orange ear plugs don’t squeeze into my ears?

Rather than damage my ears and worry about my choice in writing utensils being too masculine, I searched for the best alternatives. Here are five products “made especially for women.”

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Where Did You Learn to Speak to Women Like That?

By Lisa Marchand

There are many things I love about being a woman. In fact, many days I’m grateful to live in this day and age as a female. But there are some days, ones that still come too often, where I wonder how progression still feels so stagnated. Days where I cannot comprehend the disrespect we face on the streets.

Several weeks ago I left the bus shaking, immediately dialing my father to tearfully thank him for being the man that he is. Shortly after, I called my mom to tell her what happened. What I experienced churned up feelings inside of me that meant—although grown up and on my own—I still needed my parents to process the mysteries of the world.

Photo by Louis Blythe

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No One Feels Beautiful in a Strip Mall Parking Lot

By Shelby Heinrich

I want to talk about something that’s been talked about a million times, but still continues to be an issue. It’s an issue and an experience that I’m pretty sure nearly all women in the U.S. and countless other countries encounter daily. And in fact, it is in a way the namesake of this blog: catcalling.

Not just catcalling in itself, but all forms of street harassment directed at women. From the “smile, beautiful” to the “damn, mami, your ass so fine” all the way to following someone on the street without consent and the infliction of violence. It’s all shitty. It’s all wrong, and we all know it. We’ve all experienced it. And if for any reason you have not, due to your gender or anything otherwise, you should consider yourself very lucky.

Photo by Samuel Foster

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