We Tried a $33 Sex Swing and Now You Also Have to

By The Babes (Maddie Womack & Katie Harbinson)

Once upon a time, The Babes™ lived in the magical land of Kansas City. The rent was high, our standards were low, and sex was on our minds. So we thought to ourselves, how DOES one ball(s) (haha) on a budget? The answer left us feeling conflicted: Amazon. We’re ashamed to admit it, but we’re non-profit employees in our 20s. We love trying new sex toys, but our bank accounts do not. So with that, a babe volunteered to give it a swing. Which babe you ask? You’ll have to guess 😉

COME ON, SWING IT. Ok, we must confess, the babe who was first enticed with the concept of a sex swing was just a bit intimidated by it. Before a bit of research, we imagined they were super hard to install, expensive, and well, inconvenient. Post-research, we realized we were wrong—oops!

The origin of sex swings

Sex swings are believed to have originated from The Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian text created between 400 BCE and 300 CE. The text covers Purusharthas (the pillars of life in Hinduism) and includes notes on desire, sexuality, and emotional fulfillment. Fun fact: it was published in English in 1883 and quickly set records for the most pirated book of that time. Sex has clearly always been important to people.

Types of swings

While shopping for a swing, there are a few styles to choose from. Your options include: 

  • The conventional sex swing
  • A door swing
  • The sling/hammock swing
  • Full-body swings
  • Spinning swings

We went with an over-the-door swing. Set up/take down seemed to be the easiest out of the five options—plus it was the most renter-friendly. To install, we simply threw the weighted straps over a door, closed said door, attached the seat, handles, and leg rests to the straps, and then adjusted the heights to our preference (this took some trial and error). 

And now, the review

Being real, sitting in the swing and testing your weight for the first time feels like a near-death experience—despite being maybe three feet off the ground. Legs-up flailing does not feel sexy at first, but you’ll get there, eventually. We recommend using a sturdy, solid door. A front door or a door that securely locks is your best bet, but it does work on hollow apartment doors. It’s just less…reassuring. If you have an experience like ours, the creaking door/stretching strap noises are not comforting, but you have to put your trust in the swing. If you’re worried about falling the whole time, you’re not going to enjoy yourself—unless you’re into that. And in that case, respect.

Once the swing was installed, it was time to put it to the test—and every good researcher knows it takes more than one try to get a good review. So our volunteer babe had a lot of sex in this swing for this article. (Like, A LOT). We’re very dedicated to research, here. And let us tell you, this thing is so damn fun. Whether you’re strapped in or pleasuring someone strapped in, there is so much versatility and room for creativity. No specific parts are required, and the options are endless. This fun tutorial outlines plenty to try out.

Our only feedback? The sex swing was way more exhausting than anticipated—for both the swinger and swingee, if you will. Your body will thank you the next day if you stretch before and keep water accessible. Maybe build up to the swing with some foreplay before strapping in.

If we were to invest more in this new hobby, we would try a swing frame next, and attach a sling/hammock swing to it. The seats on these are wider, providing more support and room to get comfortable. We’re big fans of the accessibility aspect of a sex swing, especially that people with injuries or disabilities can benefit from this awesome tool. The swing we got claims to hold up to 300 lbs, but we are questioning that after feeling out the groans and creaking of the door frame holding the swing up. Also, the swing becomes more narrow when you sit in it because… gravity, so prepare for that. *NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY, SWING AT YOUR OWN RISK!*

So should you get a swing? Hell yes. Whether you’re a seasoned kinkster or you’re looking to switch things up, a sex swing is a creative and surprisingly affordable accessory to add to your bedroom…or front door. 

Until next time,

The Babes

Maddie Womack (she/her) is the Founder/CEO of Barrier Babes. Her degree in Community Health and Minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies reflects her passion for healthcare and equality within it. Through an intersectional lens, Maddie strives to find spaces to not only include sex education, but require it.

Katie Harbinson
 (she/her) is a Kansas City transplant with a background in political campaigns.  She is passionate about disability representation, breaking down the gender binary, and homoerotic undertones in her favorite TV shows. When not trying to convince her partner that they need to adopt another dog, Katie can be found consuming copious amounts of coffee and sarcastically commenting on the current political climate.  

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