Catcall-Approved Foreplay Toys

By Nicole Mitchell & Kelcie McKenney

In our experience, we’ve found that the best sex includes a little bit of magic in the mix. Sometimes that’s because you’ve had the hottest date with your partner or you’ve been reading smut all damn day or you bought a new lingerie set that has you feeling fantastic. And sometimes that magic came from being in juuuussst the right mood. And what better to set the mood than a solid sesh of foreplay. You heard it babes, this Catcall-approved list covers some of our favorite foreplay toys, games, and accessories to help you mix up the mood-making. As always, we try our best to recommend ethical stores that embrace and empower sexuaity in a healthy way. Let us know your faves! Sharing is caring.

Sensation Pinwheel

Despite what it may look like, a sensation pinwheel is harmless fun. Lightly roll the wheel across yours or a partners skin to create the best sensory experience you’ll have felt in a while. Make things even hotter by putting an eye mask on and just feeling where the pinwheel goes. (You’ll find a mask later in this list 😉.

$15 from Wild Flower

Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps

No one said you had to wait ‘til you were in the act to put some nipple clamps on! These cuties can be worn from the start as an accessory, much like lingerie. The best part is that they provide a nice sensation to whoever is wearing them.

$18.50 from Wild Flower

Burn No. 0 Massage Candle

Everyone knows that sex is best with candles in the background and lots of touching. What if we told you that there was a way to incorporate both of those things into one? This (cruelty-free) soy candle becomes the perfect massage oil for you or your partner after burning 🔥. It comes unscented, but if you do want a nice smell in the air when you’re getting ready to get it on, there are three other scents to choose from.

$18 from Maude

Truth or Dare Cards

Want to mix things up and get to know your partner a little better? Put it all out there with these cards full of spicy prompts that’ll get you H.O.T. We’re talking questions that will get the conversation started or… stopped 🥵.

$15 from Unbound

Magic Babe Ball

Nostalgic sexy time anyone? We all know the classic Magic 8 ball, but instead of Yes, No, and Maybe, this pleasure ball has 20 naughty commands on it. From touching to licking, it’s a playful way to shake things up. Literally.

$6 from Unbound

Kinky Nights Dice

If you want to explore your kinky side, this bondage dare dice set is a pleasurable place to start. The three dice dictact who is in control, what part of you is tied down, and what the action is—like you’re dominate, blindfold and gag your partner, then spank them. Um, sexy. Consent is key in this kinky game, so talk with your partner then roll those dice.

$9 from Bellesa Boutique

Come As You Aren’t: A Role-Playing Game for Adventurous Couples

Make things a little more playful with Come As You Aren’t—a sexy role-playing game. The best thing about it is that this game is perfect for both beginners who don’t know where to start and those more experienced in the role-playing world who just want a prompt given to them. This game gives “players” information on who they are (Name, Job, and Accessory), what they’re doing, and where they’re going. Participating parties take it from there.

$14.99 from Catcall Reads (Currently on backorder)

Or find it on Amazon

Cuffies Silicone Handcuffs

We’ll be the first to admit that metal handcuffs are uncomfortable. And sure, sometimes that’s ✨ the point ✨, but other times sore wrists aren’t the vibe. These silicone handcuffs are flexible, body-safe, and resilient but still tight enough to not slip—making for a smooth cuffing experience. Plus, there’s no chance to lose the key (totally not speaking from experience over here 😳). So whether you’re new to bondage or looking for something a little more low-key, these cuffs are for you.

$19 from Unbound

S&M Enchanted Bondage Starter Kit

This lil S&M starter kit is affordable and adorable. You’ve got options with satin restraints to tie up you or your partner, a matching blindfold, and feather tickler—all in a gorgeous burgundy color. Who said things had to be black to be sexy? Not us. And it’s all under $25, cause over-spending is so not sexy.

$24.99 from Wild Flower

Liberator Heart Wedge

Do you ever find yourself struggling to find the perfect position before or during sex? Stop shoving pillows underneath you and invest in a wedge. This cute AF wedge doubles as decor, but it’s much more than that. Put it under your back when you’re getting eaten out, lean your arms on it as you’re getting spanked—the options are endless.

$99 from Bellesa Boutique

Nicole Mitchell (she/they) is a writer and social media manager who graduated December 2020 with a degree in strategic communication. A few of her favorite things include cuddling with cats, listening to Bon Iver, making lattes, and running her book club (even though sometimes she forgets to read the books.)

Kelcie McKenney (she/her) is a writer, editor, and artist who is passionate about intersectional feminism, local activism, queer representation, and strengthening community. You can find Kelcie reading (probably smut or Twilight), talking astrology, hanging with her three-legged cat and four-legged dog, or trying to overthrow the patriarchy.

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