Poetry and photography zine Tessellation explores piecing yourself back together—while raising funds for Barrier Babes.

By Kelcie McKenney
Photos by Travis Young

I reached a creative roadblock in the midst of the 2020 pandemic. I wasn’t making things for myself, and my mental health was suffering because of it. So I challenged myself to make. And this book was created.

Over the fall of 2020, I pieced together poetry and film photography to create Tessellation, a zine about falling apart and putting yourself back together again. 

Over a year and a half later, Tessellation is ready for the world. And because this zine helped me through a dark time, I want it to help others. So I’ve partnered with Barrier Babes—a Kansas City nonprofit that strives to promote inclusive and unapologetic sexual health education. Barrier Babes distributes condoms as a way to help lower rising STI rates in Kansas City. 

All proceeds from Tessellation sales will be donated to Barrier Babes. 

Want to buy a copy? We partnered with the filmxlab—the film lab that developed all the photographs included in Tessellation—shop below for local pickup and delivery options.

I hope in laying my truths, fears, dreams, loss out, you are inspired to make something for yourself too.

Stay vulnerable.


A poetry and photography zine about piecing yourself back together. 

All proceeds to benefit Barrier Babes—a Kansas City nonprofit that strives to promote inclusive and unapologetic sexual health education.


Kelcie McKenney

Kelcie McKenney (she/her) is a writer, editor, and artist who is passionate about feminism, local activism, queer representation, and strengthening community. Kelcie is the Editor-in-Chief of Catcall, an intersectional feminist magazine that shares stories to empower women and their allies. You can find Kelcie on Instagram at @kelcieisabella, where she advocates for more vulnerability, less catcalls and more cats, body positivity, unlearning white feminism, and uplifting local artists.

kelciemckenney.com  | @kelcie_isabella 

Barrier Babes

Barrier Babes is a 501c3 Nonprofit organization that strives to promote inclusive and unapologetic sexual health education. Through the collection and distribution of condoms, Barrier Babes aims to help lower rising STI rates in Kansas City. Being a vulnerable population, the KC community must have more accessibility to vital education and resources than what is currently available. Barrier Babes’s goal is to change the sexual health landscape of Kansas City for the better.

barrierbabes.org | @barrierbabes

Special Thanks


Catcall is an intersectional, progressive, feminist collection of stories that call out and dismantle systemic inequalities; uplift and illuminate the experiences of women, non-binary folks, the queer community, and allies in the Midwest; and connect us all as we catcall back at the patriarchy.

catcallmag.com (you’re here!) | @catcall_mag


Your neighborhood, basement film lab. DIY, punk AF operation rooted in inclusivity and accessibility. Film Xchange was started by Travis Young to share the belief that film can and should be used by everyone, creative and non-creative alike.

filmxlab.com | @filmxlab

P.S. We had a lot of fun taking photos. Check them out!

Travis Young (he/him) is a Kansas City based photographer with roots in photojournalism and visual storytelling. He enjoys using film cameras to help him process, celebrate, and challenge his understanding in topics of race, gender, status, and mental health. When not behind a camera, you can find him creating things in 3D, obsessing over your grandmother’s dope Volvo Wagon from the 80’s, or getting lost in some tedious cleaning activity because he is a relentless Virgo.

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