Catcall-Approved Sex Toys

By Nicole Mitchell, Kelcie McKenney, Sophie Oswald, and Emily Park

Let’s talk about sex, baby. More specifically, what we use to get off. Let’s be honest with ourselves, sometimes our fingers (or our partner’s fingers) aren’t enough to get off, and that’s okay. That’s when these rockstar toys come to play. Whether you’re an experienced viber or new to the scene, we’ve picked out a selection of sex toys made to please everyone. There’s sure to be one you’ll love. Plus we made sure to include some of our favorite LGBT+ and women-owned stores in the mix, so you can get off knowing that you’re supporting an ethical business too. Need a guide? This list goes from hot to SUPER HOT.

Baby Bullet

Don’t let the size fool you: this lil vibe packs a PUNCH. The Pleasurette is a three-speeder that can fit easily in your overnight bag, your purse, your lunch box, your back pocket—no really, zero judgement. We consider bringing it everywhere, too. (P.S. This is perfect for a first-time viber.) Also, you’ll be shopping from Smitten Kitten—a Trans and LGBTQ+ affirming Minneapolis sex shop with online orders. Holy FUCK yes.

Price: $17.99

Shop: Smitten Kitten

Personal Mini Massager

For the ones who don’t like spending a lot of money but desire an orgasm that feels expensive. We’re talking 28 vibration modes for less than $8… You’re joking right? It’s advertised as a massager for stress relief, and they’re not wrong. 

Price: $10.99 in black, $7.64 in purple 

Shop: Amazon

Vibrating Cock Ring

Partner play, anyone? Strap this on the base of a penis or dildo to mix things up—for both parties. A vibrating cock ring isn’t just clitoral stimulation, it also can help your penis-weilding partner to last a little bit longer. And, tbh, it just feels really good.

Price: $29.95

Shop: Smitten Kitten

Anal Training Kit

Been wanting to try out something new but don’t know where to start? Dip your foot into butt play with a beginner’s training kit. Then, once you’ve mastered these, you can try something even more exciting, like a tail plug or an anal slider. We personally recommend this one from Bellesa—a woman-run porn company and sex toy boutique.

Price: $49

Shop: Bellesa Boutique


No, we don’t mean the (honestly pretty cute) sea creature. A whale is a wearable partner toy that comfortably inserts into the vagina and adds stimulation and vibration. And the Luvli Ditto is *chef’s kiss* magnifico. With 11 vibration modes (11!!!!!), totally waterproof (shower sex!!!!), and a sleek insertion point (room for any size!!!!), we’re lowkey obsessed.

Price: $69

Shop: Bellesa Boutique


Internal and clitoral stimulation at the same time? YES 👏 PLEASE 👏 Enter: The Rabbit. Specifically, the Diosa by Bellesa. And she ships discreetly—even though I know you’re going to want to scream the praises for this dual vibe.

Price: $130

Shop: Bellesa Boutique

Ok, we admit it. A list of only six of our favorite toys is nowhere near comprehensive. (We just loved these six and had to start somewhere!) So tell us your fave sex toys. Because the more orgasms the better. Duh.

Nicole Mitchell
 (she/they) is a writer and social media manager who graduated December 2020 with a degree in strategic communication. A few of her favorite things include cuddling with cats, listening to Bon Iver, making lattes, and running her book club (even though sometimes she forgets to read the books.)

Kelcie McKenney
 (she/her) is a writer, editor, and artist who is passionate about feminism, local activism, queer representation, and strengthening community. You can find Kelcie on Instagram with #kcdaddy, where she talks about her three-legged cat Luna, thrift finds, and ways to overthrow the patriarchy.

Sophie Oswald (she/her) is a writer and creator currently living in Kansas City. She got her degree in mass media with an emphasis in film and video from Washburn University. She also has minors in art, history, and women’s studies. When Sophie isn’t writing or volunteering her time to social justice, she can be found hanging out with her pets. 

Emily Park (she/her) is a Kansas City-based journalist, passionate about giving a voice to those who don’t always have one. From news to features to business-to-business reporting, she’s done it all. (Features are her favorite though.) In her free time you can find Emily playing games, reading, streaming, or hanging out with her furry babies, Sutton the dog and Salem the cat.

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