The Wolf

By Reese Bentzinger
Photo by Justina Kellner

Content Warning: Sexual assault.

You’re so pretty baby 
He shoots me a grin, pearly whites 
turned neon by strobe lights. I turn to the bartender 
thank her as she slides me a fireball shot. Close my fist 
make crisp dollar bills crumple like leaves. He slides over his card before I 

Whatever you want baby 
I offer a polite smile, and he gives me an unwanted hand 
that draws me over to a leather couch, his hunting ground. Precious stones claw into my skin
drawing blood as they leave his mark on my palm. He eyes my dress, 
red silk, and wants to know what I would 

I nod my head, desperately searching the dance floor 
as I look for a familiar face out there in the forest. He squeezes my hand
I’ll treat you so nice baby 
and my head instinctually snaps back to him. My voice rises, 
but I am one doe amongst hundreds. His eyes are wide, flashing yellow 

I stand up and try to shout a polite goodbye 
but a snatch of my arm cuts me off. He scowls as he catches me 
canines flash purple and white as he drags me. His howls block out music
Why won’t you give me a chance baby 
causing cold dread to mix with hot vodka. My eyes begin to dart around, someone 

I move a leg to get up again but he yanks it back 
burning my thigh as he drags my hand against his jeans. My words turn to mourning bellows
drowned out by music. His paws grab and I feel the tear of silk 
as it snags the couch corner. He bites my lip, drawing more blood as I 

I can’t let you get away baby

Reese Bentzinger
 is a stylist based in STL. Outside of work you can find her writing poetry, doodling, and researching history.

Justina Kellner is a Kansas City portrait and wedding photographer with a passion for creativity. You’ll find her hands in every possible medium of the arts including digital and film photography, painting, drawing, music, and even a touch of ballet. As a well grounded Capricorn, she also manages an online closet of upcycled trendy clothing, because everything should be recycled – change her mind.

Modeled by Hailey Savage.

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