The Inequality of “Guy”

By Lauren Cutshall

There are many things I could point out as being unfair differences between genders. For one, the ability for men to go into almost any public restroom and not face a line of people and five minute wait time will forever keep me envious.

Yet one of the more crucial differences deals, in some part, with self-identity. Everyday, we use words to describe what’s around us and what we are thinking and feeling. Most importantly, we use words to describe ourselves.

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Sexualizing Women

By Nicolette Clairmont

This article was originally a response by the author to an unsavory post on Reddit on the sexualization of women.

Have you ever seen images in a documentary of African bushmen and their tribes? Where the women are able to walk around topless and no one gives a shit? Why do you think that is? Because the cultural mindset of those tribes does not view women as sexualized objects, therefore their exposure is not cause for any arousal.

Photo by Frankie Cordoba


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Women in Leadership Today and Societal Roadblocks – Part 6

By Jordan Winberg

The following article is part of a multi-part series of excerpts from the author’s senior thesis. Begin with Part 1.


The Glass Ceiling

Furthermore, women seem to hit a “glass ceiling” in their career, presumably due to descriptive and prescriptive gender stereotypes. An impenetrable, invisible barrier, which is, again, thought to be adverse effects of stereotyping, tends to stop women from advancing in male dominated jobs, regardless of competency (Morrison, White, & Van Velsor, 1987).

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