Badass Babes: Wendy Doyle — CEO of United WE on women empowerment and policy changes

By Nicole Mitchell
Photos by Justina Kellner

Wendy Doyle is passionate about supporting women of all backgrounds, and she champions that passion through United WE, an evidence-based organization that works on systemic policy changes supporting women. Currently, Doyle is the president and CEO—a position she’s held for eight years—but she’s been working with the organization, starting as a volunteer, for nearly 25 years.

And a lot of work can happen in 25 years. Prior to her time at United WE, Doyle worked for Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas as the executive vice president where she helped many single women find support. It was in that position that she began volunteering with United WE—which at the time was called the Women’s Foundation. In 2013, Doyle stepped full time into her current role where she keeps on giving—seriously giving—from supporting financially to attending events and starting new projects for the company, she does it all.

“If we can systematically solve some of the policy challenges, this would make a great impact to these women who are needing basic services,” Doyle says.

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