5 Products for Women ONLY

By Addie Whelan

As a woman, I’ve always worried about using pens or even ear plugs that create the urge to put on a flannel and chop down trees. Maybe the pens will suddenly sprout a beard, or maybe as I brush my teeth, my car’s oil will suddenly need changing. Even more, what if those bulky, black pens don’t fit right in small, petite, feminine hands? Or what if I am on the barricade at a Justin Bieber concert—screaming until my voice goes hoarse—and those manly orange ear plugs don’t squeeze into my ears?

Rather than damage my ears and worry about my choice in writing utensils being too masculine, I searched for the best alternatives. Here are five products “made especially for women.”

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The Inequality of “Guy”

By Lauren Cutshall

There are many things I could point out as being unfair differences between genders. For one, the ability for men to go into almost any public restroom and not face a line of people and five minute wait time will forever keep me envious.

Yet one of the more crucial differences deals, in some part, with self-identity. Everyday, we use words to describe what’s around us and what we are thinking and feeling. Most importantly, we use words to describe ourselves.

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