Screaming your way to a spiritual awakening

By Erin Gabriel

Candice Wells screams for a living.

No, we’re not talking about screamo music. We’re talking about breathwork. As the owner and facilitator of Screamwerk in Denver, Colo., Candice is a breathwork facilitator, energy worker, yoga teacher, and entrepreneur who guides individuals to scream their way to a spiritual awakening.

When most people think of breathwork, yoga breathing patterns to calm the nervous system or active breathing techniques like what you see on apps like Calm or HeadSpace may come to mind. But Screamwerk utilizes a form of psychedelic or somatic breathwork, which is more focused on the body. 

“As I taught breathwork classes, I recognized that a primal scream timed at an integral moment of the practice helped to fully release pent-up feelings,” Candice says.

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