No One Feels Beautiful in a Strip Mall Parking Lot

By Shelby Heinrich

I want to talk about something that’s been talked about a million times, but still continues to be an issue. It’s an issue and an experience that I’m pretty sure nearly all women in the U.S. and countless other countries encounter daily. And in fact, it is in a way the namesake of this blog: catcalling.

Not just catcalling in itself, but all forms of street harassment directed at women. From the “smile, beautiful” to the “damn, mami, your ass so fine” all the way to following someone on the street without consent and the infliction of violence. It’s all shitty. It’s all wrong, and we all know it. We’ve all experienced it. And if for any reason you have not, due to your gender or anything otherwise, you should consider yourself very lucky.

Photo by Samuel Foster

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